Soul Food flyers

For over a year, I designed flyers for Soul Food,
a live hip hop event.

Role: Designer

The night was originally run as one of a series of events curated by Hoxton FM, an internet radio station in east London. Initially, the events took place at the station’s resident venue, 93 Feet East. After a few months, Soul Food broke away from Hoxton FM and took place in other venues across London.

To tie in with the original Hoxton FM events, the artwork needed to reflect the diamond theme in their other flyers. For the most part, these designs were dominated by a single colour and usually featured abstract or natural textures.

Soul food flyers

I complemented these designs by using the same diamond motif, however I wanted to introduce grittier urban elements to help the event's identity stand apart from the other more EDM orientated events. Using harder manmade textures, like brick walls, helped accomplish this.

Soul food flyers

When Soul Food split from the original programme of events, the organisers wanted to bring new concepts to the artwork to further separate it. This was first achieved by using text stacking designs on a block colour, over black and white photography of the performers.

Soul food flyers

The night eventually settled into a regular venue; Chip Shop in Brixton. The design changed yet again to reflect this, using bolder colours and imagery taken from the the venue itself, which is revered for its graffiti renderings of legendary hip-hop performers.

Soul food flyers

The event continued to run for three or four months in Brixton before taking a hiatus in early 2017.

About Soul Food

Soul Food is hosted and curated by the hip hop collective, Soul Purpose.

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