General Projects live EP

One of my previous bands, General Projects, wrote and performed a programme of original music to be filmed and recorded live.

Role: Composer, Musician

Originally formed at London College of Music, the group frequently featured as house band for several university showcases and gigs. For this project, we were asked to create four original tracks which would be filmed and recorded to create a video EP; a form made popular amongst our peers by Snarky Puppy's GroundUp and Tell Your Friends albums.

I played a central role in the composition of the music. This proved challenging as it was a collaborative effort for a band that was not used to composing together. We were also faced with the challenge of being not only audibly well-rehearsed, but visually too. We would need to track live, without overdubs and without cues from one another. To prepare for this, rehearsals were extensive.

Recording and performing to video also presented new challenges. Even with a programme of four tracks, time was a very limiting factor, allowing us only three full takes of the programme. We were also required to consider continuity of the footage between takes; something a band would not typically need to do.

The project was conceived as a project for the producer’s degree programme. Creatively and academically, the project was a success, receiving a first-class grade. Unfortunately, creative differences around how the release should be executed had a detrimental impact. As a result, the band has not written any original music since.

About General Projects

General Projects offers a range of function bands from London.